Druid Wheel of the Year

I just want to share a Wheel of the Year calendar I drew in my journal last year. There are many versions online but I noticed there are not many specific to Druidry. I used one I found online for inspiration then adapted it for what I needed. Having a calendar specific to my path helped me to establish a sense of identity as a Druid. I originally tried to create a “regular” calendar but it became very time consuming and very complicated! I kept getting tangled in trying to reconcile what a yearly “calendar” might have looked like during the time of the ancient druids. I quickly realized I don’t have the academic background or resources to attempt such a task but I can’t help thinking it would be so cool to see that in print! I referred to this calendar page frequently throughout the year. I hope it will inspire you to create your own Wheel of the Year for your journal!

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